Dr Rodrigo Teixeira

Focusing on surgery of the face, nose and breast, and is dedicated to helping his patients achieve the best possible outcome through high standard of surgical techniques. He is committed to providing personalised care and attention to each of his patients.

About Dr Rodrigo

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira is a highly skilled and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Melbourne. He is renowned for his expertise in a range of cosmetic procedures, including facial surgery and rhinoplasty. Dr. Teixeira is committed to providing his patients with exceptional care and delivering the best possible results.

Dr. Teixeira completed his medical degree in Brazil before relocating to Australia to undertake further training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a member of several professional associations, including the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

In addition to his extensive surgical experience, Dr. Teixeira is passionate about research and education in the field of plastic surgery. He has published numerous research articles and book chapters and is involved in training the next generation of plastic surgeons through his role as a clinical lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira and his team will be happy to assist. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira - Plastic Surgeon

Mission Statement

At the core of our practice is the belief that every patient deserves exceptional care and personalised attention. Our mission at Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira’s plastic surgery practice is to help our patients achieve the best possible results.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the field through ongoing research, education, and innovation, and we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable and supported throughout.

Surgical Philosophy

A personal word from Dr Rodrigo Teixeira,
(MED0001650480) Registered medical practitioner, specialist plastic surgeon
(specialist registration in surgery – plastic surgery)

My surgical philosophy is founded on the belief that each patient is unique and requires a personalised approach to achieve the best possible results. I am committed to providing my patients with honest and transparent advice, ensuring they are fully informed about the risks, benefits, and limitations of each procedure.

I take a conservative approach to surgery, focusing on delivering results that enhance a patient’s natural form rather than radically altering their appearance. I believe that plastic surgery should be a collaboration between the patient and the surgeon, and I take the time to understand each patient’s concerns, goals, and expectations.

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira - Specialist Surgeon

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira, Specialist Plastic Surgeon


High standards of care and customers services

We prioritise high standards of care and exceptional customer service to ensure that our patients receive the best possible experience.
We adhere to the highest standards of care in all our procedures, ensuring patient safety and comfort throughout the process.

Quality treatments and evidence based practices

We offer quality treatments, evidence-based practices, and results that are both safe and effective.
We understand the importance of caring for our patients and strive to offer only treatments that have a proven record of success.

Patient safety and patient confidentiality taken seriously

We are committed to providing quality treatments based on evidence-based practices and achieving exceptional results safely. We prioritize patient safety and confidentiality, adhering to the highest standards of care and taking every measure to protect our patients’ privacy. 

Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships

Professional Development

Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course – MAFAC

Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira recognises that Plastic Surgery is a rapidly evolving field and that Aesthetic Surgery, in particular, requires specific training and constant learning. He is committed to providing proven and reliable treatments to his patients. Dr. Teixeira believes that continuous education is crucial to staying current in the field.

As a member of the faculty for the Mendelson Advanced Facial Anatomy Course (MAFAC), he stays up to date with the latest techniques and advances in the field of meloplasty (facelift) surgery. Dr Teixeira is committed to education and regularly shares his expertise and knowledge with other surgeons, ensuring that his patients receive the highest quality of care. His interest in facial anatomy has led him to develop a deep understanding of the complex structures of the face, which he uses to achieve outstanding results for his patients.

Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course – MAFAC

Professional Training

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira is a highly qualified specialist plastic surgeon based in Melbourne, Australia. With his extensive training and experience in both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, he offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments to his patients.

Dr Rodrigo completed his medical school and plastic surgery training in Brazil in 2006 before coming to Australia in 2007 to pursue further fellowship training in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. He is also trained and experienced in reconstructive surgery, especially in congenital and traumatic facial surgery, having completed fellowship training in Craniofacial, Cleft and Paediatric Plastic Surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital of Melbourne. In addition, he received fellowship training in Burns at the Alfred Hospital and RCH.

Dr Rodrigo is also an alumni of the Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery and Monash University, making him a reference in rhinoplasty and facial surgery. He takes pride in offering his patients the latest and most effective techniques, while ensuring their safety and satisfaction.


All surgery is performed in fully accredited medical facilities adhering to the highest standards of patient safety.

Our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in the required best practices. The entire team is committed to ensuring your comfort and will provide full support on every stage of your treatement.

Warringal Private Hospital

Warringal Private Hospital

216 Burgundy Street

Epworth Freemason Hosptial

Epworth Freemasons

109 Albert Street,
East Melbourne VIC 3002

St Vincent Private Hospital

St Vincent’s Hospital

159 Grey Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Stonnington Day Surgery

Stonnington Day Surgery

253 Wattletree Rd, Level One,

Malvern, VIC 3144

Northpark Private Hospital

Corner Plenty & Greenhills Roads 

Bundoora, VIC 3083

Stonnington Day Surgery
Stonnington Day Surgery

253 Wattletree Rd, Level One, Malvern, VIC 3144
Northpark Private Hospital

Corner Plenty & Greenhills Roads Bundoora, VIC 3083

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