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First Step

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Team - Plastic Surgeon

The decision to undergo any form of surgery is very important. You should seriously consider all the steps that are involved before making a decision. If you have any questions or need help to prepare for your appointment, a pre-consultation phone call can be arranged.

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Team - Plastic Surgeon
Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Consultation


Consultation with
Doctor Teixeira

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Consultation

Dr. Rodrigo will give you the time you need to discuss your concerns and expectations. He will perform a medical assessment and may request further information or investigations. Please allow time for registration and photographs by arriving 10 minutes early.



If Dr. Rodrigo feels you are a suitable candidate for surgery, he will follow up your consultation with a letter summarising your discussion and your proposed treatment, including an estimate of costs. You are encouraged to take time in making an informed decision regarding your treatment. If you have any further questions they can be asked at your second consultation or by speaking with our practice team.

Prepare For Surgery - Dr Rodrigo Teixeira


Preparing for surgery

Prepare For Surgery - Dr Rodrigo Teixeira

Preparing for surgery is an important part of the process. You should be physically and mentally prepared. Adopt a healthy routine, exercise regularly, eat well and abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption, these will strengthen your body and optimise the healing process post-surgery. Stop medications and supplements that may increase bleeding two weeks before surgery. You should be confident about your decision and process so far to help you remain calm before surgery.


Your surgery

Dr. Rodrigo will see you prior to surgery and mark the areas of treatment when required. If you are having general anaesthesia or sedation, you will also be seen by the consultant anaesthetist, who will ask supplementary questions, explain about anaesthesia and discuss your post-operative pain treatment. Make sure you are prepared for your hospital stay and arrange for someone to take you home after discharge. 

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Prepare For Surgery



Dr Rodrigo Teixeira Prepare For Surgery

You may need assistance after hospital discharge. If you are an international or interstate patient and do not have friends or family to assist you for the first few days post surgery, please discuss options with us. Always follow the post-operative instructions to avoid preventable complications. After your operation, Dr Rodrigo and his practice staff will arrange review appointments to check on your progress, inform results and provide further advice. These follow-up appointments are important for ensuring the best possible outcome after your procedure.

Preparing for your first appointent

Meeting Dr Rodrigo Teixeira

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira will be involved in your care from start to finish. He will perform surgery himself and supervise your recovery.

Documentation to bring with you
In some instances further investigation may be required. If you had previous treatments or had any prior investigations, please remember to bring documentation of those with you.

Write down any questions
If you have any questions before your appointment, you may choose to write it down and bring it with you. There is a lot to discuss during your appointment and it is not uncommon to miss something that you really wanted to know.

If necessary, we will take photos and provide you with additional material to give you more information on your treatment, possible outcomes and associated risks and benefits.

Follow-up consultations
A second appointment may be required before surgery. Dr Rodrigo may request additional investigations or refer you to other specialists before proceeding with treatment. Other times, you may need a period of observation and reassessment.

Take your time
It is ok to take your time before going ahead with your surgery. If you need time to think about your options after your first consultation, we are pleased to organise a second appointment. Our practice staff will be glad to help schedule your next visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A consultation is an important aspect of your procedure. It is a medical assessment performed by a specialist surgeon, therefore a professional fee will be incurred. If you are eligible for Medicare, you will receive a partial rebate.


Medical Appointments

Initial Consultations (30 min): $230.00
(Medicare Rebate: $76.80)

Review Consultations (15 min): $140.00
(Medicare Rebate: $38.60)

Cosmetic Appointments

Initial Consultations (45 min): $365.00
(Consultations with referral: $330.00)

Review Consultations (15 min): $140.00

In-Rooms Procedures

Procedures under local anaesthetic can be performed in the rooms. For these procedures a fee of $350.00 applies.

A General Practitioner (GP) referral is necessary for all medical appointments. A referral is not required for international patients.

Yes, all surgeries have risks and complications and we take patient safety very seriously. Cosmetic surgery should not be trivialised and should be carefully considered after appropriate medical advice. Dr Teixeira will explain the risks associated with every treatment and provide thorough information about the procedure that you wish to undertake

Dr Teixeira is the main surgeon performing all procedures. He may have surgical assistants in bigger cases. He also oversees the post-operative care until you are fully recovered with the assistance of experienced nurses.

While it is not guaranteed, most patients are afforded a private room

The type of anaesthetic depends on multiple factors, such as age, general health, type of procedure, etc. The choice of anaesthesia will be discussed during the consultation and confirmed by the anaesthetist on the day of surgery. With the exception of local anaesthetic only, all other types of anaesthesia are performed and monitored by a dedicated specialist anaesthetist who will also provide you with a customised post-operative pain relief medicine regime, to ensure your recovery is comfortable and as pain free as possible. Your wellbeing and comfort are our highest priority.

We welcome international and interstate patients that wish to have surgery with Dr Rodrigo Teixeira. Our staff is very familiar with common concerns of patients travelling for surgery. Typically, when a patient located outside of Melbourne is interested in a consultation, they are advised to send photos to the office. We will schedule a virtual appointment online and  email a report with estimated costs. Privacy is always our foremost consideration in any discussion.


Ideally purely cosmetic surgery that is not indicated to treat a medical condition and focus solely on changing the appearance should only be performed after completing 18 years of age. However, there are situations where concerns with the appearance may lead to psychological concerns and may need a thorough assessment and counselling before being eligible for cosmetic surgery. In addition, the candidate patient should have full support of their parents or legal guardians.

Privacy and Confidentiality Throughout

We understand that privacy and discretion are important to our patients. Our practice is committed to providing uncompromised care and this extends to the measures we have taken to protect patient privacy. You have the full right to decide how and when your private information is used and stored. We have safeguards in place that prevent misuse of medical data. All photographs, results and other information will not be shared unless you specifically give permission to do so. For further information on privacy please consult our staff and they will be more than happy to provide you with all the answers you need.

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